Autumn Joys


As the leaves start to turn and fall, the temperature dips, the humidity drops and the sun starts to set a little bit earlier, I come into my happy place. I am not a woman who loves summer. I hate the heat, the humidity, the tornado warnings, the mosquitoes, and the endless sweating. I used to say that the only redeeming quality summer had for me was that we didn’t get sick. But my kids got sick twice over the past summer, so that’s out.

But I LOVE fall. I love, love, love fall! The gorgeous colors the trees turn, the crispness in the air and the cool breezes are just some of my favorite things about the season. I do all of the basic white girl things that everyone makes fun of, like bonfires, traveling to a pumpkin patch, busting out my fall sweaters, and drinking LOTS of hot apple cider. I also love the fact that it means Halloween is approaching – my second favorite holiday. No more stuffy nose from blasting the air conditioning, no more feeling like I’ve run a marathon because I went out to get the mail. Nope. In summer if you’re hot, there’s only so much you can take off. But in Autumn, if you’re chilly, you can just snuggle into your favorite scarf, sweater or blanket.

And, please, tell me how you feel about this. But everyone seems to lose it if, when September hits, people start getting excited for Autumn. I’ve seen so many posts on Facebook reminding everyone that fall doesn’t technically begin until September 22nd. Fine. Technically Spring begins on March 20th. Summer begins on June 21st, and Winter begins on December 21st.  So – Solstices and technicalities aside, do we not all consider winter to be December, January and February? And is Spring not March, April and May – and Summer June, July and August? Which leaves fall to be September, October and November. Again, it’s not technically right – but I live in the Midwest. The weather dictates what season it is outside for me – regardless of the date.

And so, I will continue to decorate and celebrate and behave in the fashion that I deem fitting for the season. And in my world, fall is now, my lovelies.

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