Why I Don’t Like Blue Apron

My last blog was on my time spent trying out the home-order meal prep kits from Hello Fresh. I wanted to see what else was out there though, so once I canceled my Hello Fresh, I chose to try Blue Apron. With Hello Fresh, I planned to try it once and quit. But I liked it so much that I ended up ordering it for a month! With Blue Apron, I only ordered once, and I canceled. Let me tell you why.

Since I had been getting Hello Fresh already, I had something to compare Blue Apron to. Let me start with the packaging. Blue Apron’s food all comes thrown together in a box. You have to go through it all and figure out which items go with each recipe. With Hello Fresh, each recipe was separated in its own bag. You literally just had to grab the (well-labeled bag) and get the stuff out. It took one minute versus several minutes scanning the Blue Apron recipe for ingredients, and then picking through everything to find them.

The second issue I have is a MAJOR issue for me. Blue Apron’s foods had NO EXPIRATION DATES. None of the foods let me know how long they’d be good for! EVERY item from Hello Fresh had a date on it. I’m comfortable with that because I’m getting several meals. It’s not like I’m cooking all of them in a day. I get them on Saturday. I need to know on Thursday if the food is still good.

This last issue moves over into the meat category. The meats also didn’t have an expiration date. They simply said (very small on the back) to use or freeze immediately. What am I supposed to do with that? I can pull frozen meat out of my freezer right freaking now. The point of ordering this is for the simplicity. Unfortunately, I didn’t see those teeny instructions on the fish and chicken, and was unable to use either. I called them and the woman said that they needed to have been used or frozen right away and instructed me to throw them out. That was NEVER the case with anything I ordered from Hello Fresh. Their foods are all guaranteed to be good for 6 days after receipt and if they won’t be good that long, they put a big, noticeable sticker on it letting you know that you should cook that meal first.

The only thing that Blue Apron had going for it was the fact that the one thing I was able to cook (sans the fish) was pretty tasty. But so was everything I got from Hello Fresh.

In all, I wasn’t happy with the packaging, the lack of dating on the food, and the fact that half the food was wasted because it wasn’t made easily and clearly known that the food needed to be frozen. That’s like throwing money in the trash – something that really, really irritates me. If I ever decide to afford home order meal kits again, I’d never consider Blue Apron again.

4 Replies to “Why I Don’t Like Blue Apron”

  1. After the fact, I read reviews of Blue Apron. Sadly, your experience (and mine) are typical. I also had a very negative experience with them. It took ages to get in contact with someone from their customer service and then he hung up on me when he’d had his say! I did finally get my money back, but only after they made it clear they were doing me a HUGE favour and I should thank them for making such an unprecedented exception for me. Ugh!!! Never again!!!

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    1. Oh no!! What a nightmare! The customer service rep I spoke with wasn’t friendly either. I wish I’d looked into it further before bothering to try it! Thanks for sharing Ela!


  2. I use Blue Apron as well as Hello Fresh and I have found Blue Apron to be every bit as good as Hello Fresh and their customer service was quick and efficient for my problems.


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