Meet Your New Favorite Drinking Glasses

I have fallen in love. The Our Place Essentials Collection is a line of beautiful dinnerware that is not only gorgeous, but also fully functional. I’ve partnered with Our Place to show you what they have to offer, as well as tell you about what an extraordinary company they truly are.


I love Our Place because they are a company of people who care. One of the co-founders, Shiza Shahid, co-founded The Malala Fund and now works to celebrate and highlight the multi-cultural cuisine that Americans embrace. We are a land of immigrants, and Our Place recognizes that and focuses on how our cultural landscape weaves and intertwines. Our food is one of the major ways that we embrace other cultures and honor them. Our Place knows that, and seeks to bring us even closer.

In addition to their insight, they focus on ethical labor, using responsible materials, and the real stories that make people across America so incredible. Based in Los Angeles, California, Our Place has partnered with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council and is currently working to help people gain access to good food. Not only that, they are environmentally conscious in their packaging. All of their boxes are packaged with biodegradeable and recyclable corrugate, without any bubble wrap or plastic product involved.


Now let’s talk glasses! Our Place’s Drinking Glasses are beautiful, hand-blown glass tumblers. They are also stackable! They will take up less room in your cabinets – and who doesn’t love to de-clutter and save space?

Our Place sent me their tumblers in Clear, but they also come in two other colors – Dusk and Sunset. So you can match them to your decor, or mix and match them for fun! When I say that they are functional I don’t mean that they can hold liquid – which they, of course, do – but I mean that they are also both microwave and dishwasher safe. This is a major perk for me, as our dishwasher uses far less water washing our dishes than washing them by hand does. I am always happier to find dishwasher-safe tableware for this reason.

This is a Mocktail Mule I made with Ginger Beer, Lime Juice and Grenadine!


I encourage you to check out Our Place’s website. See what other items they offer, but also read about them, the good they are doing in the world, and the incredible stories they have to share. Our Place is currently donating 10 meals for every purchase – all month long. So not only can you get beautiful items for your home, you can help feed someone in need. Use my link here to save on your first order with the code MEGANG10 and make your kitchen happy!

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