FASHOM Styling Service – Ready For FALL!!

Fashom is an online clothing service that offers you a one-on-one styling session with a personal stylist. You create an account and give them a sense of your style. You can describe it, share a link to your Pinterest page where you have samples of your style, or even have a video call with your stylist! When you want to try some new items, you put in a styling request. You then choose 5 items to try out and they ship them to you. If you keep at least one item, then your styling session fee is waved. You very first styling session, however, is free.

One nice thing is that the more you keep, the more you save. So if you keep 3 items then you will get them at 25% off. If you keep all 5 items then you will get them at 30% off! Anything you decide not to keep can be sent back in their return bag, for free. Shipping both ways is at no cost to you. Since we are entering Fall, I decided to pop into Fashom and get styled for some new Fall pieces! Here’s what I chose, and my review of each item.

If you’d like to try Fashom you can do so here and receive $10 OFF your order!


The first item is this beautiful sweater. It’s made with Cashmere and Wool, and was super cozy. Unfortunately, the sizing was off and it was definitely too big for me. I think if it had been in a medium it would have been a keeper, but as such it ended up getting sent back.

This one ended up being a favorite. At first I wasn’t so sure about it because the back design is not something I am normally into. But the reason I love Fashom is because they suggest things I wouldn’t normally get and help me to expand my wardrobe with different pieces than what I’d normally choose! The fabric on this was cozy but not heavy. This went into the KEEP pile!

This top is adorable and I LOVE the sleeves and top portion of it. I think if that part had been longer then this would have been a keeper for sure. But because the white, flowy part was so prominent, I decided to pass. It just wasn’t a style I felt comfortable in. I’m not sure it suite my body type since I have a rather long torso.

This one was the toughest decision for me. I’m REALLY sucking my belly in here! But I love the fabric, it’s so soft, and I also adore this color. So I decided to keep this one as well. I’ll just wear it under wraps, or maybe one day I’ll actually get around to exercising my belly away!

And I have saved the best for last! This is the best item in the box for me. Nothing says ‘Fall’ like a flannel print! This shirt is so cute, and it fit perfectly! The good thing about Fashom is that they choose the clothing based on your sizing, because – as we know – a size can be very different depending on the shirt. For instance, this one is a Large. I’m typically a medium, but it fit perfectly, and a Medium would have been far too small.

Again, if you want to try Fashom, your first styling session is free, and you can get an additional $10 off your order using my link https://invite.fashom.com/wYBjxs1lbab I’m definitely happy with my session and plan to do another one soon!

So in all I decided to keep 3 of my items. The other two will be getting shipped back, and they will only charge me for the 3 I decided to keep, and they will be 25% off! Then, the next time I want a personal stylist to help me refresh my wardrobe, I’ll just log back into my account to get started! Happy Fall!

I tried the FASHOM Style Box – Here’s What I Think

I recently had the opportunity to try a style box by Fashom – a fashion box designed to help you expand your wardrobe. I received my box free of charge from Fashom in exchange for my honest review of my experience and the items that I received. Here is how it works, what I chose, and what my thoughts are on this experience!

My initial impression of Fashom was positive. I really appreciated the fact that the women pictured on their website were unique and that they appeared to represent a wide range of styles. I’m all about inclusivity and encouraging women to be themselves! It was refreshing to see that the women on their site didn’t appear to be models or to represent unattainable beauty standards.

Fashom has a style system that is very easy to use. First, you set up your style profile. You answer questions about your appearance, hair color, clothing size, etc. Then you choose looks that you enjoy from pictures they share with you. Once you complete your profile, it goes to one of their stylists. After a couple of days the stylist sent me several looks, from which I was to choose five. At this point you can choose your looks or request more. I requested more, asking to see some dresses as I was curious about the range of clothing that they had available. Within a couple of days I was presented with additional looks to choose from. I chose my five pieces and they were delivered.

At Fashom you typically pay a $15 styling fee (though your first styling fee will be free) and that fee will be put towards any item you decide to keep. One cool aspect of Fashom is that you can try your pieces and send back anything you don’t end up liking, and only be charged for what you decide to keep. (The return envelope is prepaid, so sending items back will cost you nothing.) Another interesting, and awesome, aspect is that the more items you keep, the more you will save. If you choose to keep 3 of your items you will receive a 25% discount. If you keep all 5 then the discount jumps to 30%. Another great facet is that you can see what the clothing items cost when you choose them, so there are no surprises. Also, there is no subscription required! To me, this is one of the best features of this style box. You’ll never be met with an unwelcome charge or forced to use the service. Whenever you want to use it, just log in and start!

I will show you both the pictures on the website as well as pictures of me actually wearing the items so you can see how they look in both situations.

The first item I chose was the Desfios: Shimmer Tank Top ($32)

This looks exactly like the picture in person, and was well made. I love the material so much!

The next item I chose was the Naked Zebra: Rolled Short Sleeve V-Neck Blouse ($41)

This shirt was a great surprise. I wasn’t sure I’d like it but the material is gorgeous. It has a slight shimmer to it and lays and feels a lot like silk. I loved this far more than I thought I would.

The third item I chose was the One 5 One Jeans: Skinny Jeans with Embroidery Hem ($55)

Once again, I was pleasantly surprised. These were so cute on!

The fourth item I chose was the Articles of Society: Tank Top ($35)

The material was, once again, a surprise. It was really stretchy, soft and comfortable. And I love the little detail of the front coming to a point. It’s a nice little touch that brings it up a notch to be able to be dressy.

The final item I chose was the Chris & Carol: Knit Striped Dress ($39)

In the picture you can see my excitement over those pockets! This dress is incredibly soft and feels good on. Though it’s a dress, I was really comfortable in it.

I was honestly surprised by this experience. It was an incredibly simple process to be styled and it was easy to communicate with the company. In addition, the clothing was a higher quality than I was expecting. Sometimes when you order clothing online, it’s a bit disappointing when it arrives because it’s not the quality it appeared to be. For me, this was the opposite experience. I was expecting the clothes to be nice, but I wasn’t expecting to love them as much as I did.

I found several things I loved about Fashom – from their generosity (they send $1 for every box purchased to the animal charity Second Chance Rescue NYC) to their amazing mottos, ” LOVE THE WAY YOU ARE! #BetterAsIAm,” to the fact that they offer a great service. While I could easily go to the store and purchase clothing, this is a fun way to open myself up to the possibility of items I might not normally choose. For example, I don’t know that I’d have ever tried something trendy, like the jeans. I think Fashom is a fun way to experiment with fashion and to get outside assistance from a professional stylist on growing your wardrobe. I’m so glad I had such a great experience with them, and if you’re interested in trying a style box, I highly recommend this one.

You can find them here. I don’t receive anything for sharing this link – I’m just trying to make it easy for you!


See me unbox the items and see them in detail here on YouTube!